Less than three Liu Xuan.

What the hell would I write about if I didn't have K-Pop? Ah yes, TVB. And so, here it is. My latest love affair is Liu Xuan. There are some actresses I adore and would quite possibly turn gay for. Tang Wei is high on that list - actually, she is at the top of that list. Liu Xuan is, well, not in an Ang Lee movie opposite Tony Leung, but she still strikes me as crazy sweet. She is also very short for a HK actress and has managed to make Fala Chen look oafish (yes, oafish). This generally makes me feel better about life.

For some unfathomable reason, she decided to sign a contract with TVB and learn Cantonese. This Olympic gymnast is now starring in Grace Under Fire, which is about kung fu and Wong Fei Hong, among other things. It automatically earns negative points because Kenneth Ma is one of the male leads, but Liu Xuan has rescued it from whatever bad acting her co-star is engaged in. I missed the first week and a half so I'm not following the show too closely, but so far so good. 加油!!

Kanauru films Shaun Evaristo's kids dancing to his choreography of Se7en's 'Drip'.

And while we're at it, Kanauru meets Shaun Evaristo meets Se7en's Drip. I am loving everything that comes out of Kanauru/Movement Lifestyle collabs. Living vicariously through this crew.

Ne-Yo + K-Pop collab?


Ne-Yo says he wants to collaborate with some K-Poppers. Fan-tastic. So who's first on the list? One would assume the guy everyone calls 'Korean Ne-Yo' (aka Taeyang), right? Wrong. Via his recent Korean concert visit and Twitter feed, he expressed an interest in working with KYP artists only. Okay, obviously this news is to be taken with tubs of salt. We're assuming he's a newbie to the genre and has yet to be confronted with the amazingness that is Taeyang and the YG Family. Plus, Ne-Yo and Junsu from 2PM would be killer. And 'Taeyang' and 'Big Bang' and 'YG' might have pushed him over the 140 character limit. But really, Ne-Yo, get in touch with Papa YG. Good things will happen to you.

(For the record, Blogspot sucks fuck. So much for making this site user friendly for computer illiterate posters. How the hell do you post pictures next to each other instead in one fucking column?)

Liar Liar.

So maybe YG goes by HK time? In any case, Stupid Liar/Lair has been unleashed! I love the opening bars. Still am not feeling the autotune and die a little every time I hear it in a new track. Nevertheless, I've sipped the kool-aid, and it's delicious. Full track and album dropping on April 8, MV on April 15.

(Keep expecting GD to continue with '...pants on fire.')

Big Bang's stupid little lair.

Waiting for Stupid Liar to be released. No, waiting for the 30 second teaser to be released. Alas, it's 41 minutes after midnight in Korea and still no sign of this liar. Meanwhile, on YouTube, YG's teasing us about some stupid lair. Oops. I'll gladly be their English editor.


G-Dragon endorses Bean Pole and reminds everyone that you are not as cool as him.

Fuuuuuuuuuck. G-Dragon, you KILL me!!!!!! How can a 23 year old kid have so much swagga? I want just an ounce of his charisma, a teaspoonful. Untouchable.


JLS's inspired 'Eyes Wide Shut' MV.

Time to come clean. I like JLS. Generally averse to any act that emerges from a television talent contest, but I've liked most of their hits so far. They make my brand of music, the poppy R&B stuff that I don't mind grooving like a fool to on public transpo. Their latest single (from late last year) just landed on my playlist. It's called Eyes Wide Shut. Yeah, deep. It feels a little early 90s old school, but I think that's mostly because the opening bars sound like they are taken from Monica's Angel of Mine. That said, I don't know what is going on in the video. I don't dislike it; just looks a mess, kind of like mushing all of the following into a 4 minute video.


Columbia Pictures logo

Rene Margritte's Son of Man

MC Escher

Star Wars - Death Star
Taeyang's Prayer MV

Night Sky star chart

Star Wars - Cloud City


Actual JLS video:


Very obsessed with G-Dragon's 'Obsession'.

Seriously, GD. Dear Leader pisses charisma. I don't understand a word (of Korean) he's saying, but this kid is one powerful drug. I fantasize about being him, when I'm not pretending to be CL. You will feel cooler just by blasting his songs in your ear. Really, try it. His 眼神 (no direct translation but something like the look he gives off in his eyes) cuts. Beware if you're in the audience when he and T.O.P. take the stage. Slaughter.


Shinhwa fangirlism begins.

New obsession: Shinhwa. I remember these guys from my first foray into Asia in 2002. I have their CD buried somewhere. Kim Dongwan appeared on a recent episode of Strong Heart with Seungri and G-Dragon, and I decided I want to marry someone like him. But I will not be, so instead I have songs like this one to look forward to. Just One More Time (다시 한 번만) off their 9th album, simply titled Volume 9. I listened to it at least 30 times today. Really need to learn Korean.

K-Pop anniversary!

Cause for celebration! Exactly a year ago today, I stumbled upon a video. YouTube recommended one Wedding Dress by some Korean bloke named Taeyang. And well, you know how it goes. Taeyang and the YG family have accompanied me through one difficult but exciting year, difficult because I was still treading water with my thesis but exciting because I finally finished the damn thing and managed to get a job soon thereafter. One year and many CDs and DVDs later, I am an avowed Big Bang and YG fan. Yes, my life is enriched by the fruits of their creative labor. Since I am too tired to celebrate in any spectacular way, let me just repost the video that started it all. And it should be noted that 0'57" was what sent me over the edge. So thug.


Official MV for Big Bang's 'Tonight'.

Score! Re yesterday's post about the MV shown on The Big Bang Show, indeed, YG has released a second version. This one is much improved. I still would like to have seen more cruising in Sin City because how hot would that be? But I love that Daesung got a lead role and played jilted lover. He's got an army of VIPs wanting to cuddle, or make violent love. Anyway, no more talk.