Bits and Babs for 1.17.09

Watching: Adulthood
Listening: I Need Love by Plan B f Jacob Anderson
Reading: The Company by Brian Littell

News of the Day:
The Kennedy Center Honors aired a few weeks ago, and Barbara Streisand was one of the vips. The lady does not like the prospect of being out-diva-ed - as evidence by her enthusiastic reception to performances by Idina Menzel, Ne-Yo, and Beyonce. I sense that this willful convergence of star power from every corner of the entertainment industry could have been better orchestrated. Ms. Menzel is fantastic - when she's a mooing lesbian or painted green (or with her hot husband). Her version of Don't Rain on My Parade sounded like an overeager theatre grad who thinks she's right for every part. Think Bunny's daughter on Extras or, it must be said, the blond chick in High School Musical (but with punchier vocals). Next up was Mrs. Jay Z. I heart Beyonce and she does a fierce Etta James, and Diana Ross if you want to count the Dreamgirls gig, but she couldn't seem to find a balance between reverential and original. Result: uninspired. And then there was Ne-Yo. That was just odd, and uncomfortable in a this-night-can't-get-any-worse-because-I-just-kissed-George-W.-Bush-and-he's-sitting-next-to-me sort of way. But I guess they love her, they really love her.

(Alright, this was just my excuse to post a clip of
Heather Headley, of Aida fame, who killed Elton John's Your Song at the KCH some years back. Her performance defies my vocabulary.)


Bits and Bobs for 1.15.09

Watching: Spooks S07E04
Listening: You Give Me Something by James Morrison
Reading: The Company by Brian Littell

News of the Day:
Why 2008 sucked: Grad school; 4 different roommates; Sichuan earthquake; pirates; Adam Carter got blown to bits; the economy had it worse than Adam Carter; Sarah Palin and the Plumber bloke.

Why 2008 rocked: I discovered History Boys and Spooks, which led me to a pantheon of overly attractive and highly talented actors (and Hermione Norris); lots of visitors to HK; Barack Obama was elected.

Things I await in 2009: Finishing grad school; President Barack Obama; Spooks (series 8); Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Star Trek; Wolverine; Robin Hood (bumped to must see tv only because Toby Stephens and Richard Armitage appear, together, for an entire season - it's like Cambridge Spies, but not, and with arrows).

Why, yes, I am shallow. And that's why I write a blog about leftover news and the boob tube.


Bits and Bobs for 1.14.09

Watching: Sunday Night Project w/ guest host James Corden
Listening: Love is Hard by James Morrison
Reading: Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

News of the Day:


Bits and Beards for 1.2.09

Watching: (gasp) nothing
lots of podcasts
Persuasion by Jane Austen

News of the Day:
I nabbed this quote from the Bottle Shock trailer. It's a movie about Napa Valley kicking France's ass in a wine tasting competition. Alan Rickman plays the snooty Brit to Bill Pullman's flannel-wearing American.
"Why don't I like you?"
"Because you think I'm an ass. And I'm not really; I'm just British, and well, you're not."

Beard Talk:
A couple weeks ago, I think Scott Mills had a segment on beards, as in hot beards v quick! shave the motherf*r off beards. I forgot who made their list of notables but I'm pretty sure they omitted the entire
Robin Hood crew. So I'll render a verdict and that is the whole gang passes, including Keith Allen's Sheriff. It must be said that Jonas Armstrong's (Robin) can get overgrown, to the point that you could braid it and pin ribbons into it. Harry Lloyd's (Will Scarlett) 'stache is borderline child molester creepy but saved by Lloyd's charm. All beat out Prince William.

Hello, 2009!!

Watching: Robin Hood S02E011
Listening: BBC Podcast - Beyond Belief
Reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen

News of the Day: