Chapman To performs a '3D Sex and Zen' movie review.

Because good news also comes in 3s, Chapman To delivers the last piece of HK entertainment goodness for today. Also unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that HK recently released the world's first 3D porn, so the producers claim. The latest incarnation of the Sex and Zen series raked in a load of money in its first day, beating the record set by Avatar. Far from being the male moviegoer's wet dream, however, some are complaining that the 3D-ness is improperly focused on flying bullets and swords. Well, one barely legal kid threw some choice words on the interweb about his disappointment, and the ever present Chapman To decided to deliver an interpretive performance. The result is gold, but since I don't know half the slang, it's only bronzish to me. Nevertheless, I did get that the newly crowned 18 year old was not happy that his beloved Vonnie Lui was subjected to dubbing and then blown to bits, among other things.