Ron Ng......mmmmm........

Moving on...now that Raymond Lam has taken a precipitous fall from grace, time to turn our attention to his other half. I mean Ron Ng. Mr. Ng has always hovered high on my radar, but his acting and singing are of questionable quality. Nevertheless, I generally enjoy his performances. They don't make me squirm the way hmm, Kenneth Ma's performances do. I'm actually very much looking forward to seeing Ron in his latest show, Yes, Sir, No, Sir (though I don't think TVB properly punctuated it), on in the 9:30p slot. He plays a cop alongside Moses Chan. Ron = cop, always a good idea.

This time, the story revolves around a school as Moses is sent undercover as a teacher of a Band 3 (underperforming) school. 5 episodes have already aired, and finally Ron appeared last night - in the closing 30 seconds of the show. Blast it! Luckily we've been seeing him in the ending credits. Well, he's very 型, and let's leave it at that. See for yourself.