Bommie's all-kill for 'Don't Cry'.

Love me some Park Bom. She all-killed on the charts, once again showing the dominance of YG. This video is similar to her first single, You and I, in that there's a girl, there's a boy, they fall in love, and he dies. I know, happiness. But happiness is seeing Bommie in all her diva loveliness. Check out the MV.


Chapman To performs a '3D Sex and Zen' movie review.

Because good news also comes in 3s, Chapman To delivers the last piece of HK entertainment goodness for today. Also unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that HK recently released the world's first 3D porn, so the producers claim. The latest incarnation of the Sex and Zen series raked in a load of money in its first day, beating the record set by Avatar. Far from being the male moviegoer's wet dream, however, some are complaining that the 3D-ness is improperly focused on flying bullets and swords. Well, one barely legal kid threw some choice words on the interweb about his disappointment, and the ever present Chapman To decided to deliver an interpretive performance. The result is gold, but since I don't know half the slang, it's only bronzish to me. Nevertheless, I did get that the newly crowned 18 year old was not happy that his beloved Vonnie Lui was subjected to dubbing and then blown to bits, among other things.

Ron Ng......mmmmm........

Moving on...now that Raymond Lam has taken a precipitous fall from grace, time to turn our attention to his other half. I mean Ron Ng. Mr. Ng has always hovered high on my radar, but his acting and singing are of questionable quality. Nevertheless, I generally enjoy his performances. They don't make me squirm the way hmm, Kenneth Ma's performances do. I'm actually very much looking forward to seeing Ron in his latest show, Yes, Sir, No, Sir (though I don't think TVB properly punctuated it), on in the 9:30p slot. He plays a cop alongside Moses Chan. Ron = cop, always a good idea.

This time, the story revolves around a school as Moses is sent undercover as a teacher of a Band 3 (underperforming) school. 5 episodes have already aired, and finally Ron appeared last night - in the closing 30 seconds of the show. Blast it! Luckily we've been seeing him in the ending credits. Well, he's very 型, and let's leave it at that. See for yourself.

Apple Action News pixelates Raymond Lam's animated parts.

As you know, if you live in Hong Kong and speak Cantonese, Raymond Lam Fung has been getting almost Edison-level press lately for his underground relationship with Mavis Pan. He of exceptional bone structure and she of exceptional...um, chest structure apparently hit it off after filming an awful movie together. She had a bit role in The Jade and the Pearl, memorable for nothing until her relationship with Lam was exposed. Oh, how the beautiful fall fast. The so-called scandal has been brewing for a month now, and because I have nothing better to do, I'm posting Apple Action News's interpretation of this relationship. (AAN regularly makes it to Huffington Post's comedy section for it's inane computer animations of news stories.)


Big Bang's 'Tonight' special edition release...almost.

YG thinks its such the shit that it apparently keeps its own time. 22 minutes past the release of Big Bang's 4.5 mini album, that is the special edition of Tonight. As always, YG's late! Constantly updating my pages. In the meantime, eye candy.


TOP counts down.

4 days until Big Bang drops another cannonball of awesomeness (yes, I'm running out of metaphors). I love this sound, and I don't just mean that of TOP's voice, though I love that as well.

It's not uncommon to hear some fans lament about Big Bang's departure from their early days, 'early' meaning anything from VIP to Lies to Haru Haru. But I think that misses the whole point of why Big Bang is such a beloved phenomenon. Great artists are that way because they consistently push beyond the norm. Not to equate Big Bang with the following artists, but Michael Jackson, Madonna, and the Beatles certainly did not confine themselves to the music that launched their careers. I have more to say on this but time for work! Until then, TOP sings to you.


Taeyang counts down.

Taeyang needs a girl like me?! I can deal. 5 days until Big Bang's special release album. Kid's got short fingers. That's okay.

MBLAQ cries.

In case we need a reminder, I'm a dedicated YG fangirl, a snobby one at that; I don't think any other company holds a torch to YG. But occasionally I experiment with other K-Pop drugs, like MBLAQ off the JTune label. There's nothing that really stands out for me about them, and only recognize G.O. Nevertheless, I have 2 of their songs on my iPod, and that seems to be critical mass when it comes to these sort of things. Here is their song Cry, which is getting endlessly looped at the moment.