The TV BAFTAs v.2009

UPDATE: Ahh, Richard has appeared, presented, and left. The Armitage Army/Spooks boards will be quieted now. Time for some sleep.

I now understand the allure of Twitter. It's meant for things like updating sports scores and red carpet sightings. Not to be used by politicians to feign coolness and twit twatty jabs at one another. So I've been refreshing my pages every few minutes to get updates. Rubbish. How early 2000s of me.

They've given about half the awards, and the first one out - Best Drama Series. Result...Spooks lost! :( Admittedly expected because Wallander had the hype. I guess if The Wire never won an Emmy, we can live with great shows getting shafted. Anyway, there are more important things in life. I'm waiting for Richard Armitage to present an award but not sure how much longer I can hold out. Rupert Penry Jones has had his go. The things I want to say about him, and the presenters in general, must be put in context with the tone of the show and Graham Norton's Letterman-like performance. But I'm tired, so these thoughts will have to come once I've got my 8 hours.

Bits, Bobs, and BAFTAs for 4.26.09

Watching: Taye Diggs in Wicked
Listening: Taye Diggs in Wick

News of the Day:

TV BAFTAs are tonight! Richard Armitage and Hermione Norris are slated to present. French and Saunders are up for a special award so perhaps a little Harry Jasper Kennedy action? Also, Spooks is up for best drama series. If they don't win, I hope they send in Lucas North to set things right. No one seems to think it will, but The Guardian is a fan.

Meanwhile, the preview for episode 6 of Robin Hood looks...good. Richard Armitage and Toby Stephens? That's somewhat indulgent.


Bits and Bobs for 4.25.09

Watching: Daily Show and Colbert Report
Listening: Bach's Goldberg Variations on podcast
Reading: The Yes of Jesus Christ by Pope Benny XVI

News of the Day:

Tonight marks the return of Richard Armitage to Robin Hood. Hurrah!


Bits and Bobs for 4.24.09

Listening: various HK pop

News of the Day:
I have a massive headache that is about to morph into a migraine. The last time this happened, I was half passed out and starving. The only thing I could do was make a SPAM sandwich (which was more delicious than I could have ever imagined) and watch The Painted Veil on Chinese tv. No wonder why I never took to that movie. This time I have a better entertainment selection but I don't know if even Richard Armitage can save me from the cerebral shit-pounding that awaits.


Bits, Bobs, and a Badass for 4.22.09

Listening: Pray-as-you-go podcast by the British Jesuits

News of the Day:

Star Trek
I don't even like Star Trek, but I do like hot guys in uniform and hot chicks in minis. So I'm am disturbingly psyched about this movie, and to celebrate, here are 3 articles from The Times. 5 star review. Star Trek for a new generation. Star Trek for an Obama generation. Excessive, yes. Movie better be good.

Hugh Jackman
Um, the veins actually pop out of his biceps. I don't know if that's healthy, but does it really matter when you are Wolverine and hot? Methinks no. To celebrate, zero articles from The Times and 1 interview (in 2 parts) from Jonathan Ross.

Richard Armitage (or Mr. Hugh Jackman lookalike, as my friend says)
Ha! He gets his own section today. There is no real news. I just wanted to report that after a painful 2 week hiatus, grisly Guy of Gisbourne is finally coming back in this weekend's episode 5 of Robin Hood. Also, previews are up for episode 6 which marks the debut of Sir Toby as the wretched Prince John, because apparently Toby Stephens can only be cast in roles that require sneering.


Bits and Bobs for 4.17.09

Listening: Cry Me a River by Susan Boyle

News of the Day:


The python ate my homework.

I'm sleep deprived, which usually means I can watch youtube for hours. So I was reading about the Hillsborough tragedy and ended up watching a documentary. Really sad. Then I saw another article on BBC about a man who wrestled a python for 3 hrs and then bit it after the bastard took the fight up a tree. Pythons are mean motherfuckers. So I watched some python eating animals 5x as big videos. There was a really good one that showed it eating a deer or gazelle, something with antlers. That is insanity. It also showed how the jaw/head is made of multiple parts so that it can swallow a boar or something. I also watched a really old black and white clip from some crazy safari like it was out of a Kipling novel. There was a python and lion were engaged in a monster battle. (Lion won.) I can only take so many crazy animal films though, so I watched some Richard Armitage to calm myself down, though he obviously has the opposite effect. I ended up watching some clips from Robin Hood, and I would just like to say that Lucy Griffiths is a little girl to Richard Armitage's Guy of Gisbourne. What's creepy is not his guyliner but the fact that he wants to bed someone half his age. I thought the show was supposed to be age appropriate.


'Between the Sheets' on Easter. Naughty.

Watching: North and South
Listening: the whirring of my computer
Reading: newspapers and news magazines and news blogs because I'm a news whore

News of the Day:
  • Happy Easter!!!
Right, there's no real news of the day. It's quite late and I'm tired. Since Lent is over, I indulged in some youtube and tv. :( But now I have ~500 words to write before I can call it a night. Time was wasted on the following: random Chinese music videos, random Richard Armitage clips from Spooks, et al. But my real discovery was a tv show Mr. Armitage did some time ago called Between the Sheets. It's about tangled sex lives, billing itself as a grown-up conversation about the real issues complicating today's sexual relationships. Mr. Armitage plays Paul, a youth offender officer, who is in a relationship with Alona, a sex therapist to the other main couples of the show. (This is more of a subplot - but a zexy one.) Shit goes down when Paul is accused of having sex with one of his underage charges and Alona isn't sure whether or not she believes his denial.

So here are the 6 lengthy clips that some wonderful person has edited onto youtube. Thoughts below.

Shoddy dye job, super creepy facial hair.

So that was mucho disturbing. I'm going to blame tonight's lack of productivity on the fact that I'm still reeling from this revelation. I've only seen what's on youtube but if you read the comments, apparently Paul agreed to oral sex with the girl, after denying anything more than a second of wanting to kiss her. The shock isn't what he did so much that he managed to get away with the deception. Creepy, creepy bastard. The worst of it is, I really don't want to think of someone with Richard Armitage's face as a sex offender!! Alas, the perils of acting. Anyway, two thumbs up for a stellar performance. The man is this side of awesome.

(I did try to erase this Paul character from my brain so I popped in ol' North and South instead. Ahh, Thornton. Feel free to love and possess me.)

Oh, I do have a Robin Hood update. Guy is apparently on hiatus for the next two episodes (S03E03-04) so nothing to indulge in really, though I'm a mild Joe Armstrong fan and I find David Harewood intriguing. Episode 2 was ~mehmeh~. I've concluded that I really can't enjoy the show because I'm caught in the middle of the two main demographics they're aiming for. I'm not 10, though my interests often indicate otherwise, nor do I have a 10 year old to enjoy it with. So it's hard not to be cynical about a show that I usually watch whilst hunched over a computer screen in my mini-room and that features some, quite frankly, shitteous dialogue. The Robin Hood world doesn't claim the most elegant of speakers for sure. And none of the many themes and undercurrents of the show really impress on me; again, probably because I'm at least twice the age of half the viewers. Love? Mr. Thornton cures that. Adventure? I have a couple months to write 2 chapters of my thesis. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? In America, we steal from the poor and give to the rich, so that also qualifies as 'adventure'. Nevertheless, looking forward to Guy's return in another week's time. Hope Prince John (Toby Stephens) will string along.